Cloud computing: the future of elearning?

Cloud computing: the future of elearning?

Cloud computing is helping elearning evolve, thanks to its ease of installation, management and use, as well as its reduced cost.

Cloud computing is a network available on demand over the Internet, without requiring any downloads for your computer, tablet, smartphone or other supports.

With elearning, the transition to cloud computing is already a reality. The more advanced players – including Dokeos – are working to migrate towards HTML5 technologies and offer their services in SaaS mode (software as a service). The software, which is not installed on a machine, is usable at any time and in any place when you connect to a dedicated website for your business.

The benefits of cloud computing for elearning

Why are companies that provide elearning solutions turning to cloud computing? And how does it so effectively meet the challenges of elearning?

Cloud computing facilitates distance learning

As the end-user, the learner needn’t worry about the technical installation of their training program. Accessible whenever the user is connected to the Internet, the software is always updated and functional. Such ease of use reduces barriers for the learner and accelerates the programme’s availability across the company.

It reduces the costs of professional training

The customer capitalises on the provider’s IT infrastructure and expertise, while being offered all the right guarantees. The cost and deployment time is almost zero, while the customer is able to focus on their learning plan without worrying about technical aspects. The trainer managers can adjust the programme settings themselves. The return on investment is fast.

It allows for greater independence

With the content system available on demand, the learner can connect from any device, from any location. Whether on the road or in the office, or connected from a work computer or smartphone, the same content is available.

Dokeos was a pioneer in the migration of professional elearning towards cloud computing. Take advantage of our 15 years of expertise by contacting our teams about your project.

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