Dokeos is the only HIPAA compliant LMS that guarantees the protection of personal data for health professional training

Today’s healthcare system professionals are subject to strict regulations regarding protecting the confidentiality of a patient’s personal data. That’s why all hospitals, clinics, labs, research facilities, universities, or companies with access to patient data must ensure that their employees comply with HIPAA regulations through documented training and certification.

Since 2013, this requirement also applies to all suppliers having access to the data. In order to guarantee the protection of patient medical information or Personal Health Information (PHI), suppliers must also deliver tools and resources that meet these same regulations.

Dokeos LMS ensures HIPAA compliance

Dokeos is the only SaaS based LMS which is HIPAA compliant. Dokeos LMS helps organizations guarantee that their training programs meet or exceed all applicable industry standards.

Dokeos training and assessment tools provide:

Secure HIPAA-compliant server hosting
Full encryption of individual patient data
Dokeos legal commitment to safeguarding the confidentiality of patient data

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