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Easily design customized training with a few clicks with DOKEOS AUTHOR. Create modules from scratch or import your existing training materials

  • Create training modules, slide by slide
  • Add voiceovers, quizzes, and videos
  • Easily collaborate with colleagues on the same project
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Easily create customized and engaging training modules with DOKEOS AUTHOR

  • Slide by slide : develop your training sessions in a few clicks

    • Build engaging, slide or PowerPoint-based training modules that can be accessed in the MODULE tool of DOKEOS MANAGER
    • Easily add content and change the page order with the slide sorter.
    • Preview and test your training modules by activating the “Learning” mode.
  • Integration: make your training unique by adding relevant visual and interactive elements

    • Personalize and save templates to ensure visual consistency across your modules.
    • Animate your slides by inserting images, audio commentary and videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or your personal video library (Easily manage your videos with optional DOKEOS WebTV).
    • Integrate your own quizzes created with DOKEOS MANAGER.
  • Accessible anywhere: distribute and share your training courses in multiple formats

    • DOKEOS is fully responsive web design. Your training works across desktop and mobile platforms
    • Flexible access to training and learning any time, anywhere with just an internet connection
    • Easily communicate with your training course participants using DOKEOS social learning tools: forums, chats, wikis, surveys, notifications, calendar and more.

  • DOKEOS AUTHOR, your tool for creating rich, dynamic, and engaging presentations.

    • Transform your PowerPoint presentations into distance learning resources.
    • Insert new slides from our library of templates.
    • Organize the order of your slides with ease using the integrated slide sorter tool.
  • Add rich audio and visual elements

    • Easily add synchronized, audio tracks to each slide to enrich your training with detailed, real-time explanations.
    • Enhance your training with visuals: insert images, avatars or mindmaps into your slides.
  • DOKEOS CHANNEL links multi-media training tools to your training modules

    • Add video from YouTube or Vimeo, or directly from your secure DOKEOS CHANNEL.
    • Incorporate quiz exercises between slides, created using DOKEOS MANAGER.
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