Training external partners in the healthcare sector

What are the key objectives when training external partners? Reducing risks, improving quality of care, and engaging patients to cut costs. Healthcare sector: 3 key objectives when training external partners 1. Ensuring consistent quality of care across the hospital network Your reputation depends on it! Your external network of independent practitioners, homecare nurses, researchers and […]

GMP training management in pharmaceutical companies

Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP training with regulatory compliant Dokeos LMS ensure GMP compliance at all levels of decision, action and automation.  GMP training for automated systems to manufacture products Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs or CGMPs) compliance by pharmaceutical companies is key to producing regulatory-compliant products. It means all employees become and remain aligned to […]

Integrate your dynamic HTML5 content into Dokeos!

Improve your elearning modules with dynamic HTML5 content. Integrate your Prezi, ThingLink and modules into Dokeos in minutes. Many companies use online tools, such as Prezi, to make their presentations dynamic. These tools are inexpensive and easy to use. They are also very effective in capturing the attention of learners undertaking e-learning studies… Save time […]

5 things employees dread about online compliance training

Online compliance training is mandatory. Unfortunately, every time you put “mandatory” in front of anything you can expect employee motivation to plummet. How to make online compliance training enjoyable? Even mandatory compliance online training courses can be enjoyable if you take the time to research your eLearning audience and get to the root of their motivation. As […]

How to reduce turnover in healthcare ?

Reduce hospital turnover: boost new recruits’ commitment and skills with onboarding in your LMS. Turnover, the big challenge in the healthcare sector The healthcare is undergoing a complete transformation to help it respond to a variety of pressures: cost reduction versus improvements in care and patient experience. At the same it is suffering time from […]

Dokeos LMS is now HIPAA compliant

Dokeos Learning Management System is now HIPAA compliant Personal Health Data exchange volume is increasing these days, improving the quality and reliability of health services. New devices like smartphones offer a true opportunity of improved healthcare services through permanent monitoring of critical health data: blood sugar level, heartbeat regularity etc. For this to happen, personal […]