DOKEOS AUTHOR personalises your training modules


DOKEOS AUTHOR is a DOKEOS suite tool that transforms your PowerPoint into an online training module, complete with images, sound, video and quizzes.

Enhance your presentations with dynamic and visual elements that give a unique style to your digital learning course.

Make your training modules more dynamic

Digital learning must meet the challenge of maintaining the attention and involvement of learners, facilitating their understanding of key concepts and memorisation.

By adhering to these concepts, the training ensures learners progress through to the final test in the form of a quiz.

DOKEOS AUTHOR allows you to easily organize and integrate the pages of your PowerPoint into an elearning course. You can realise written content in your desired style, and quickly import quizzes, screencasts, animations, pictures or other visual supports.

You have the opportunity to record your voice over one or more slides. At the same time, you can also import video from your computer via Dokeos CHANNEL, a YouTube channel or Vimeo directly into your PowerPoint, or create a video.

Facilitating cooperation between participants

The functionality of DOKEOS AUTHOR makes it easy for pedagogical models to be easily reproduced by different parties. Exchanges between trainers and learners are simplified, and teaching can be monitored.

Accessible to all, at all times, DOKEOS AUTHOR facilitates exchanges and administration between people in various positions in a common space.

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