Dokeos Foundation

Giving the young generation the means of its autonomy through education and research.

Leading it in the short term towards a strategy of economic growth.

"The tools for growth are known and available, but they are not shared with those who need them most."

Yousra Charrouf

The Dokeos Foundation is a non-profit whose purpose is to lead students between the ages of 16 and 25 to short-term economic growth through training and research programs.

Open Mars Project is its main initiative. With our local and international partners, we are building, in the heart of the Moroccan desert, a Martian Village whose mission is to contribute to the economic development through innovation.


To achieve this, the Dokeos Foundation is developing three action plans:

  1. The construction of a Martian Village that builds on the discoveries of ESA, NASA, Mars Society and Wageningen University in space agriculture to transform the desert into an oasis.
  2. The reception of pupils and students in the Space Center to initiate them to aeronautical technologies and to the forms of agronomy 2.0 adapted to the extreme climatic conditions: irrigation by central pivot for cereals, vertical culture in air-conditioned container for the leafy vegetables and culture in self-regulated greenhouse for the fruit vegetables.
  3. The promotion of this initiative to attract investors and quickly lead to a scaling up of the experience.

Projects and vision

Open Mars Project

Open Mars Project is based on a simple idea. The Moroccan desert is similar in many ways to the soil of the planet Mars. Agricultural technologies developed by ESA and NASA can be applied there and space exploration can be experimented with.

Open Mars Project Presentation

The Digital Caravan

The Digital Caravan is a traveling digital school in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Education. It is equipped with the latest computer and educational technologies: solar energy production, microcontroller programming, and a culture laboratory driven by growth recipes.

The Foundation

The Dokeos Foundation’s obsession is scaling. Its solutions must be able to serve millions of people. This is the reason for the technology partnerships based on freely distributed open source hardware.

The Power of Imagination

Now that life is smiling on me, I feel, with my friend Meryem Salmi, the need to intervene in the destiny of my country through a local and concrete action of popular education and support to the economy. As a consultant in the digital sector and in contact with engineers on a daily basis, I know that this field is a reserve of jobs for young Moroccans and an opportunity to gain a foothold in the world. This is why I decided to introduce young girls to digital skills and engineering professions. Dr Yousra Charrouf, Manager

Our partners

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You can contribute to the Dokeos Foundation in three ways:


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