Dokeos Shop: How to sell your courses in a few simple clicks


Are your elearning courses ready? Use Dokeos Shop to organise and sell them easily.

Dokeos Shop is a powerful product that allows you to not only market your courses but also organise them by categories. Find out how.

Organise your course catalogue

Dokeos Shop

Do you have lots of courses and wish to organise them in a catalogue? Whether or not you want to market them for sale, Dokeos Shop offers a simple and convenient catalogue management system.

On the Dokeos home page, click on the Dokeos Shop button. Fill in the two course description fields, and confirm your choice. Your course is now considered a Dokeos Shop product. You can now organise how this and your other courses are presented.

A well organised catalogue should list its courses by category. On the Dokeos home page, click Administration, then “Courses > Course Categories”.

On the “Categories” interface, click “Add Category”. Name the new category, choose the language, and specify whether you want to add it to the catalogue. The category has now been created! Repeat the process to create other categories.

Next go to the “Product” tab. Click the small pencil icon to the right of your course to choose its category.

By repeating the process for each course, you can quickly organise your classes into categories that you wish to sell (or not).


Sell your courses


By default, the price of the course is set to 0. This can be useful when the catalogue is destined for an internal company audience.

If you want to sell your expertise outside your business, set a price for each course or session. To do this, click on “Shop> Products” in “Administration”, then on the pencil icon.

Set a price with or without tax, the number of days of access, and a sales description. This page will actually become the product page of your course! Save. Your product sheet is now ready. Repeat for each course and your training catalogue will soon be available.

Now’s the time to set up the rest of your shop.

Configure Dokeos Shop


Still in the Administration menu, click on “Shop> Settings“. Fill in the requested information. Confirm. Repeat the process for the “Catalogue” page.

Lastly, go to the “Payment” page. Dokeos Shop accepts payment in euros or dollars. You can easily configure the VAT rate and secure payment method you prefer – Paypal or Visa. Click “Confirm” and your shop is ready!

Customer invoices will be easily accessible on the “Invoices” page.

In just a few clicks, your training catalogue is organised and ready for sale! Would you like to try Dokeos Shop? Take advantage of the free 60-day trial.

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