Dokeos SHOP: your training catalog for sale

Dokeos Shop
Dokeos SHOP: your training catalog for sale
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Need to accelerate the sales of your training programs ? You might be interested in this one. The Dokeos company is proud to announce the release of Dokeos SHOP 2.0. Combined with your favourite LMS, this new piece of software will organise, schedule and sell your courses, whether face-to-face seminars or e-learning content.

  • build your training catalog
  • sell courses online
  • generate profits easily

Whether you need to sell training online, promote face-to-face seminars or manage programs internally, rely on DOKEOS SHOP to build your training catalog.

Try Dokeos LMS FREE for 60 days

  • Personalized eLearning portal
  • 1GB of storage
  • 10 learners
  • Full suite of applications
  • Up to 10 online courses