Privacy and compliance LMS.

The banking and insurance world is developing into a world subject to multiple local, national and international regulations. To deal with these multiple challenges, not only is it necessary to provide the different employee categories with training in these reguations but it is also necessary to provide auditors with proof of this training and consolidated reporting charts.

Regulations are constantly changing. You need to know the version of the regulation or SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) on which each employee was trained and assessed in order to determine, in real time, regulatory training schedules.

In case of an audit, you must be able to print in a few clicks the individual monitoring charts and proof (traceability) of their validity from your LMS (Learning Management System)..

Dokeos is the LMS most used in the finanical world because it is thought out according to the regulations and functional expectations that it gives rise to :


  • Individual monitoring charts.
  • Traceability logs
  • SLA Banking to ensure the privacy of your data and LMS interoperability with your SIRH.

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    Your employees are the core of your company. Dokeos helps you move training from simple skills transfer to skills optimization with easy to use tools to create individualized courses, real-time evaluation, and realistic 3D training that simulates real life scenarios.

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    The LMS reporting tools are designed to help you prepare for audits by printing training and evaluation tests which are dated, identified and traceable.

  • Custom trainings

    Everyone advances at their own pace and the LMS redirects users to where they were last logged in. Everyone decides whether to purchase tutoring. The courses are conditional or not and you can disseminate the information disorderly as a knowledge database or in a linear fashion through the steps of a scenario.

  • Feature 1

    Leverage scalable SaaS-based solutions with streamlined administration, self-registration, and certification management features to minimize the impact on administrative and IT resources.

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