Match the skills of your employees to your strategy.

Training should not be considered an expense item, but an investment with an immediate return. This is why the Dokeos LMS was designed around an evaluation and reporting tool that allows you to define Key Performance Indicators and boost your staff’s skills.

The industrial marketplace is guided by standards, processes and optimization You must maintain your level of competitiveness while reducing the expenses, waste and losses related to quality or to interruptions in the value chain.

The Dokeos LMS focuses on HR and Quality. It allows you to shape a training strategy that is aligned with your evaluation system, and to quickly design training programs by defining in house evaluation criteria and reporting charts for the use of your management.

Measure the return on a given training: immediately or later on!
Design consolidated monitoring charts
Combine e-learning and basic skills to deliver the required expertise directly in the workplace

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  • Talent management

    Your employees are the core of your company. Dokeos helps you move training from simple skills transfer to skills optimization with easy to use tools to create individualized courses, real-time evaluation, and realistic 3D training that simulates real life scenarios.

  • Performance evaluation

    You should save on costs, reduce waste and ensure the result. Develop a training offer based on phases with your lean and 6 Sigma objectives by defining training schedules for each employee and a simple protocol for evaluating his/her performance in accordance with a list of indicators

  • Certification

    Validate knowledge and base access to training upon success obtained during another training. A certificate is issued at the end of training depending on the criteria for success defined by the trainer. This certificate is automatically customized for each participant.

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    GxP compliance and e-learning. The IPSEN case.

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    Toys ‘R’ Us and training the sales teams

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