Interactive kiosk: e-learning in the workplace

Interactive kiosk: e-learning in the workplace

With the Dokeos interactive kiosk you can train your employees in the workplace, whether it’s a factory or a drilling platform!

Why use an interactive kiosk for employee training?

How can you facilitate employee training in your factory, workshop, hospital, building site or even oil rig? How do you identify your learners, certify their skills and measure their progress?

Our solution is interactive e-learning kiosks for the workplace. Accessible 24/7, they allow your employees to make the most of their time constraints, further their skills, and validate their expertise.

Dokeos e-learning suite integrated into interactive terminals

The Dokeos e-learning suite and its powerful tools for training, assessment and certification are installed in the kiosk. Build your training content and exams using our authoring and Dokeos EVALUATION tools. The terminal does the rest.

The pyramidal sign-up process on the kiosk allows for:

  • N+1 (in charge of implementation, store, etc.) to control their team’s work
  • N+2 (district manager or country manager) to have oversight of reporting in their district

Other advantages of the interactive Dokeos kiosk

With its multilingual interface (English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, etc.), the keyboard can be configured in each employee’s language. This means large, multinational companies can standardize their training and align the skills of their employees to their group’s overall strategy.

Also benefit from the:

  • Materials resistant to everyday usage (cuts, scratches, dust, cold)
  • Security device
  • Authentication protocol
  • Comfortable usability with 32-inch screen


Contact us to learn more about installing kiosks on your sites.

Try Dokeos LMS FREE for 60 days

  • Personalized e-Learning portal
  • 2GB of storage
  • 10 learners
  • Android/iPhone applications
  • Up to 10 online courses
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