LEARNTEC, the International Elearning Exhibition


The 23rd edition of the LEARNTEC exhibition runs from 27 to 29 January. This must-attend event captures the excitement of the elearning sector.

The LEARNTEC International Elearning Exhibition takes place at the Carlrushe Convention Centre. With distance learning and digital learning now commonplace and no longer considered a fad, the exhibition addresses important questions.

Fully integrated into academic and professional training courses, the technical possibilities of elearning have expanded rapidly over the last 3 years.

LEARNTEC 3 days of conferences and meetings

Historically, LEARNTEC was the first European meeting point for LMS designers and their clients, universities and large accounts. Today, the show has built on its reputation to bring together hundreds of professionals at the forefront of innovation.

This year 110 speakers will present case studies, the major industry developments and future prospects, under the central theme of “the interaction between people and innovation”. More than half of the seminars will be in English.

More info: learntec.de

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