Najat : addressing the digital divide

Najat is a humanitarian project aiming at reducing the digital divide. It addresses the poorest populations in the most remote areas to initiate them to computers, web search, image and text processing.

The Najat team is a network of partners coordinated by the Dokeos Foundation. It includes students giving free time to popular education, industrial partners providing the technology and Government Agencies defining the training programme.

A High Tech Coach Bus is the central device of the project. It travers from one village to the other and stays a few weeks in each village. We ensure that a true knowledge transfer happens in both directions. The village authorities write the programme with us, organize activities before the meeting and after the meeting.

Industrial partners provide computers and various gifts that are offered to village authorities to extend the initiative and participate in a Villages Online Community of Practices.

The project is headed by Dr Yousra Charrouf, e-learning consultant at Dokeos and Doctor in Educational Psychology at University Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco.

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