Multi Portals

Create multiple, fully segregated  and custom training portals through one Dokeos LMS account

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Delegate your administration

The multi-portals functionalities allows you to manage a complex organization composed of several distinct sub-portals between them. You assign independent trainers and administrators to manage these portals with tasks such as adding and removing users and assigning specific training. You can set the permissions for specific groups and customize their access.

Manage portals and training from one platform

  • Graphic Customization (logo, pictures, colors, title, ..)

  • Dedicated domain names

  • Independent users and groups

  • Independent reporting for the sub portals and global reporting for the administrators of the main portals

  • Copy, edit and deploy your trainings to the sub portals in one click

  • Managing access and permissions for each portals

Security et Privacy Policy

Each portal has its own distinct URL and is built on a highly secure infrastructure. Each portal is completely separate, so the users on each portal has their own view of their learning management system data and does not know they take part into a multi-portal system.

The protection of privacy and data is 100% guaranteed for companies that have access to shared training across multiple portals, in accordance with the GDPR.

Hundread of orginazitions train and evaluate skills of their employees with Dokeos LMS

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