Social and Collaborative

Involve your experts and promote knowledge sharing between learners.

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Contextualised chats

In Dokeos LMS, an open chat can be attached to every activity of a training: document, question, module SCORM or other. Learners can ask questions where they do not understand, and the trainers’ answers deemed most relevant will be put forward for other learners. Over time the relevant answers accumulate and they are part of the training. This digital, social and interactive pedagogy is the key to the success of online training.  

Knowledge sharing

A learner posted relevant information on a popup chat ? Do not wait for others to visit this page and directly feed the information to the entire group. Thanks to the system of alerts and notifications in real time, you promote the sharing of expertise and transform your business experts into trainers. Learners can record the answers that are useful to them. All of these social features can be disabled by administrators.

Ongoing Trainings

Create value together thanks to surveys that are automatically completed at the end of each course. Feedback is added to analytics to help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your groups and their needs. Dokeos is designed to allow you to take these real-time feedback into account and continually improve your e-learning path. 

Hundreads of organizations train and evaluate their learners with Dokeos LMS

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