eLearning Content Production

Quality eLearning content that ensures success

Let Dokeos create and produce effective and proven eLearning content that meets your industry, organizational, and learner requirements and goals. 

Successful eLearning begins with developing the right learning format and course design that aligns with your strategy and training goals. But sometimes it’s difficult to get started. That’s where Dokeos can help.

Dokeos brings over 15 years experience in the design, writing and deployment of elearning modules, serious games, quizzes, exams and other online training for a variety of clients and industries. From vocational training operators, multinationals, and clinical research centers, we have the right mix of training solutions that deliver consistent and measurable results.

Original, fun and motivational formats

Dokeos makes your job easier by writing and producing your eLearning content modules into courses that are regular, fun, motivational, short, and impactful.

We focus on three main fundamentals:

  • Deep understanding of distance-learning, new web technologies, and multimedia
  • Experience with a wide range of learning styles, resources and services that deliver effective, hands-on and immediate learning
  • User-friendly design that encourages learner interaction, collaboration, and trainer support

Scenarios and products adapted to all situations

Dokeos develops and produces eLearning content that is tailored to your specific goals: quiz and assessment, job training or integration, compliance, internal communication, and more.

Our proven process ensures that your training is useful, attractive and relevant:

  • Analysis and formalization of strategy and goals
  • Architecture and content design
  • Direction and multilingual animation of modules
  • Process for enrollment, participation and feedback
  • Deployment, integration, and configuration within the Dokeos Learning Suite

Custom tailored eLearning content and support

Dokeos eLearning Consulting Services is ready to help you develop an elearning path for your multinational or your  research department. Our e-learning consultants are available to analyse your needs and develop an effective deployment strategy that’s made to measure.

Whether it involves deploying an elearning project that requires upstream reflection and a thorough analysis of needs and habits or a plan for changing management training practices within the company, we’re up to the challenge.

Discover Dokeos eLearning Consulting Services by signing up for our 60-day, free trial!

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