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Dokeos assists specialist elearning companies. Try DOKEOS SHOP and enjoy 6 months free from 15 January.

The elearning sector is currently experiencing a boom. New companies from a variety of sectors (pharmaceutical, accounting, management, languages, eHealth, security, regulatory compliance, etc.) are entering the market to offer elearning courses.

Since 2013, and the launch of our SHOP tool, Dokeos has supported these companies to set up training catalogues, secure payment processing, marketing performance indicators and course scripting.

Set up an elearning catalogue using DOKEOS SHOP

Although elearning companies are often still small, we have identified their strong growth potential. Because of this potential we want to help them grow. On 15 January 2015, Dokeos will launch an exclusive special offer for small businesses:

  • 6 months free Dokeos LMS and Dokeos SHOP
  • Free support for training course set up (catalogue, secure payment system, marketing)
  • High search engine result (SEO) and social network ranking to raise your profile quickly

Get in touch with Dokeos and enjoy the DOKEOS SHOP tool for free for 6 months

Try Dokeos LMS FREE for 60 days

  • Personalized e-Learning portal
  • 2GB of storage
  • 10 learners
  • Android/iPhone applications
  • Up to 10 online courses
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