A wiki for your elearning training

A wiki for your elearning training

When it comes to collaborative learning, a wiki is an invaluable tool, and one of the advantages elearning offers over other training methods.

A wiki is a website with pages that are modifiable not only by the webmaster but also by visitors to the site. This capability allows for the creation of collaborative websites.

The most famous example of a wiki is the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. But the same approach can be used on a smaller scale within a business or for elearning training.

The advantages of a wiki for elearning training

A wiki is a very useful tool as part of an elearning training. It allows you to:

  • Share knowledge on a topic and engage learners by combining their knowledge with that of other participants.
  • Stimulate critical thinking and discussion among learners.
  • Make participants work differently, evolving them from being simple consumers of education to playing an active role in the construction of their knowledge.

Possible activities using your wiki

Using the wiki, you could ask your learners to:

  • Form groups to explore a theme in greater depth, with the resulting research published as a wiki article.
  • Illustrate articles with personal examples and case studies.
  • Use their notes to write thematic overviews of the course.
  • Establish an internal FAQ to accompany your training.

All these activities will help build a truly collaborative learning experience.

Create a wiki using Dokeos Manager

Dokeos Manager can create a wiki quickly and easily. Your learners can:

  • Create and easily manage their wiki pages.
  • Benefit from an intuitive interface for writing, with help from a wide variety of text publishing and image tools.
  • See the history of changes to the wiki.
  • Discuss with participants the changes made to wiki pages.
  • Search for the most viewed pages, and the most modified.
  • Follow the most active participants.

Dokeos Manager provides all the tools to create a successful wiki as part of your elearning. Try Dokeos yourself during a free, 60-day trial.

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