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We assist you in transforming your company into a learning organisation. And, above all, we measure the impact of these changes.

"Training is an element of the strategy of departments other than Human Resources."

Training as such does not seem to be a strategic dimension in a company.


Investing in training may even appear as counterproductive. Spending time and money to enable employees, partners and customers to learn is certainly a constructive and generous initiative. But what is its Return On Investment?


In fact, training is part of the strategy of departments other than Human Resources:


The Sales Department aims to improve the performance of its sales force. Our simple methodology, based on the Kirkpatrick model, allows us to measure the progress of salespeople in real time, both in a simulation and in the course of their work.


The Quality Department uses training to validate skills and prepare an audit. On the one hand, the traceability features of the Dokeos LMS ensure paper equivalence, and on the other hand, the Business Intelligence Department uses training to map internal skills and ensure they are maintained.


The Marketing Department deploys training that include questionnaires to gather strategic information: objections encountered by salespeople, unknown dimensions of products and services, errors in interactions with clients.


With 20 years of experience, the Dokeos consulting team offers support to align the training with your objectives and provide tools to measure its effectiveness.


Thomas de Praetere, CEO & founder of Dokeos

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