LinkedIn buys Lynda: what does this mean for e-learning?

LinkedIn buys Lynda: what does this mean for e-learning?

LinkedIn’s acquisition of Lynda is proof of the revolution in talent management that’s taking place via e-learning and social networks.

Last April LinkedIn bought the company Lynda for $1.5 billion. While there’s no need to introduce LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, what do you know about Lynda, the leader in online learning? The company gives online training to people looking to acquire managerial, technological or creative skills to achieve their personal and professional goals. Members have access to hundreds of thousands of video tutorials and qualitative courses, taught in English, French, German and Spanish, by industry experts. So how will this impact on e-learning and talent management?

Up to now, hundreds of millions of LinkedIn users were only able to exploit opportunities in their network if their skills met the employer’s requirements. The acquisition promises major changes in terms of talent management. LinkedIn will now recommend Lynda’s online trainings, based on the development of your professional career. This will boost the popularity and recognition of e-learning and especially video learning, and also seals the integration of social media into the learning domain.

Do you also think this merger will be decisive in the evolution of e-learning?

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