The training platform designed for growing teams

Create unique learning experiences and ensure the development of your teams’ skills

Create customised training paths

Dokeos LMS is a white label solution that allows you to customise the design of your platform and express your brand image. As a trainer, you can script your courses in multiple stages to engage your learners in different training activities: E-learning modules, quizzes, placement tests, videos, webinars, or in-person sessions.

Encourage the acquisition of new skills

Dokeos LMS collects extensive data on employees’ skills, aspirations, and gaps to provide them with additional customised training. Any improvement in skills is an important source of motivation for your employees and will have a positive impact on your organisation’s goals.

Encourage collective intelligence

Your learners create, share, and improve courses collectively. Our contextual chats, forums, and dashboards help trainers identify the best content posted by learners and then distribute it throughout training paths. With Dokeos LMS, you can foster knowledge sharing and turn your business experts into trainers.

Hundreds of organisations train their teams online with Dokeos LMS