We have been transforming
the way companies learn since 1999

Our story

1999: Creation of the software

Thomas De Praetere is designing an LMS in the offices of the Leuven Learning Lab with the aim of enabling the university campus to engage in e-learning.

2000: More than 100 universities

There were very few LMSs at the time and the popularity of e-learning was growing: more than 100 universities started using this first software. This gave rise to the idea of selling services. A website was therefore launched.

2004: Dokeos is born

Launch of the Dokeos commercial company. The first clients are the Ministry of the Interior, the Red Cross, the Army and the French National Authority for Health.

2011: Social learning

Dokeos innovates by introducing a collaborative learning tool for the first time in history. Dokeos is present in France, Belgium and the United States.

2014: Major accounts

The quality of Dokeos' solutions and services is now acknowledged. Major names in the pharmaceutical and medical sector have joined us: IPSEN, Alcon, Medtronic, Vivalto Santé, HRA Pharma. Implementation of success indicators and tools to measure the ROI of your actions.

2016: Dokeos Studio

Opening of a multimedia design studio to provide a complete service from auditing your current content to creating interactive educational modules.

2018: The xLMS revolution

The new Dokeos software, entitled "xLMS", marks a technological breakthrough. It focuses on the measurement of skills. It is also simpler, more intelligent, mobile and was immediately acclaimed by HR departments when it was launched.

2021 : Internationalisation

Building on the success of Dokeos xLMS, which is used by over 2,000,000 users, the Dokeos team continues to grow and new offices are opening in Morocco, Italy, Central Africa, Russia and India.

Our values


It is always possible to doubt, to question, to hesitate, to re-test, to ask for a complementary examination. However, trust is built in a moment. A moment of grace in which each one says to himself: I want to do this and take this risk, surrender to a positive relationship from which we will both benefit.


Listening is knowing how little you know. And allowing your interlocutor to teach you. True listening is guided by a deep desire to understand other points of view, to adopt other ways of doing things. Opening up the possibility of collective intelligence and thus of effective collaboration.


At the beginning of a project, it is tempting to try to define its limits and the scope of its intervention. But how can we know where our mission ends until we understand the true uniqueness of a project? Adaptability is the art of going as far as possible in the direction of the objectives, while eliminating the risks and deliberately jumping into the unknown.


Those who believe in luck do not stand a chance of contributing to reliability. Guaranteeing a result means checking everything before delivering, following a precise methodology, never skipping a step, relying on others when you don’t know. It also means learning from failures in the most complete and analytical way possible to feed your approach.


Anyone who wants to check everything before taking action risks missing out on many lessons. Advancing in a project allows you to be taught by it, knowing that part of the information cannot be found at the starting point but in the confrontation of possible options at each moment of an adventure that is progressively defined.

The Dokeos Foundation

Making the world a better place by contributing digitally to existing educational projects. This is the mission of the Dokeos Foundation. It can help you train students in the skills of tomorrow’s professional world for free.

To make our values a reality that every employee practices, we create non-profit projects that provide opportunities for learning to collaborate, to help and to be part of the complex processes of an educational project in a vulnerable and uncertain world.

You can contribute to the Dokeos Foundation in three ways:
1. By offering your time as a volunteer 
2. By financing the projects through tax-free donations
3. By offering your expertise, products and services in exchange for marketing communication about your contribution

The team

De Praetere
CCO | Head of Consulting
De Praetere
COO | Head of Product Development and Financial Strategy
CMO | Marketing Manager
Commercial Manager
Digital Learning Specialist
Product Owner
El Hazzim
E-learning consultant
E-learning consultant
Business Developer - Key Account Manager
Instructional Design
E-learning consultant
E-learning consultant
E-learning consultant
El Hadrami
E-learning consultant
Sales Account Manager Maroc
E-learning consultant
E-learning consultant
Communication Manager

Dokeos is growing. Why don't you join us?

To support our growth, we are looking for new creative, autonomous collaborators who are willing to grow with us. 

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