A GxP-validated Training Environment for Life Sciences

Generate FDA 21 CFR PART 11 compliant training records

The Dokeos validated LMS fits in the Quality Assurance process through versioning, training records, audit trail, SOPs management, liability, security, electronic signature, corrective and preventive actions

Cloud GxP-compliance

Computer System Validation allows you to guarantee paper equivalence in a cloud solution. Users’ actions traceability, Chain of command and Security management work hand in hand as long as Security Risk Assessment, Code reviews and Documentation reviews remain under control.

Training Records

Generate Individual Training Files and Certificates through a compliant process that offers Electronic Signature and Logs Traceability. Ensure you freeze SOPs versions, assign a timestamp and authentication to any Training record PDF or Print export, Articulate GxP and non-GxP training in one Validated LMS.

Quality Assurance

The Dokeos VLMS Quality Manual helps you build Quality Assurance through Change Management. Address Security Risk Assessment issues, provide Threat modeling and Security design reviews. Organize Quarterly code assessments and ensure each employee checks the Read & Understood checkbox on all the SOPs of his/her Individual Learning Path.

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Can Dokeos LMS offer a FDA compliant solution ?
Find out in this white paper how online evaluations can help to assess people's ability to reason.
Create a culture of quality through training in procedures. The Astellas Pharma case.

Your consultants

A team of experts specialising in the regulations related to your sector

Thomas De Praetere

Constantly wondering about a training process: are we learning from it?

We train them, but... do they learn? This is the central question that every training professional wonders about. To answer it, he disposes of a panoply of tools and methods. Defining the objectives, checking what has been learnt, discussing with the participants, measuring the before-and-after delta, questioning the nature of the skills at stake, the reasons for failure and the criteria for motivation.

Thomas De Praetere, a Doctor of Philosophy at the Catholic University of Leuven, is the founder of Dokeos. His mission focuses on quality control: validating learning, guaranteeing the result and rethinking the systems if necessary.

De Praetere
Christine Amory

Customer success manager

Her passion for teaching methods developed during her university years in California, where Christine experienced the effectiveness of flipped classroom teaching and the usefulness of alternating synchronous and asynchronous times.

Responsible for pedagogy for 15 years at HEC-Liège, Christine coordinated, planned and implemented e-learning training programmes for managers in Asia and Europe.

A Dokeos trainer since 2008, she has managed over 120 training projects for corporate clients and training organisations. Her scope of action includes analysing clients' needs and converting them into training programmes, managing and evaluating training projects, and setting up indicators to ensure virtuous improvement cycles. She has been leading the team of project managers since 2017.

Bertrand De Praetere

Head of Product Development and Financial Strategy

Bertrand joined Dokeos in 2011 after graduating from university to contribute to its restructuring and development. Working with Dokeos, he has been involved in financial strategies, commercial positioning of the company and the redesign of the product and service offering.

Responsible for the development of Dokeos LMS, he also manages the company's finances and takes part in strategic decisions.  Pragmatic, attentive and conciliatory, his objective is to constantly conciliate the demands, the available resources and the technical constraints.

De Praetere
Julien Paquet

Marketing Manager

An entrepreneur with a passion for marketing and sales, Julien joined Dokeos as a partner in 2014, after several experiences in technology startups.

Julien brought a professional approach to marketing: data-driven approach, marketing automation and creation of a content farm to generate leads via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and targeted ads.  His experience and skills are also available to clients who want to increase their visibility and thus increase their online sales. Do not hesitate to contact him!

Loick Muteba
Instructional Design Officer

They call me Captain eLearning

You don't judge a book by its cover ”. Are you so sure? In the days when millions of free apps with slick designs are accessible every day by billions of people, it is obvious that learning content can no longer do without quality formatting if the we want real commitment from learners. This is what Loïck defends, trained in marketing and graphic and advertising communication, whom the experience has brought to the path of training and instructional design. Customer support, training in authoring tools, design of turnkey interactive training modules, Dokeos graphic communication ... His experience and the concrete cases he uses to illustrate his point will be able to answer your questions concerning the development of your business. e-learning training.

Instructional Design Officer
Stéphane Vanderbeck
L&D Consultant

« The distance between your dreams and reality is called action ».

Stephanie is a multi-tasker at Dokeos, project manager, digital content creator, authoring tool specialist and blogger, she joined our team in 2018.
Her goal: to evolve our post-sales customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle - from onboarding and engagement to renewal and expansion.
With a degree in marketing and business creation, she arrives at Dokeos with a desire to set the company apart from competitors through customer service.
A good relationship with the customer is the most important thing for her!

L&D Consultant
Nicolas Francannet
Sales Manager France

Nicolas is an expert in digital and content- and learning-oriented platforms.
After an entrepreneurial career of 15 years in the web/mobile and publishing sector (Microsoft, TF1, Lagardère, StoryLab), Nicolas decided to focus on E-learning. Today, with Dokeos, he supports companies in their digital transition and the implementation of innovative and effective educational systems.

Sales Manager France
Laurent Hayat
Business Development Manager

Laurent joined Dokeos in 2020, won over by its innovative solutions and its dynamic, human-sized team.

As Business Development Director, his focus is to accelerate business development across Europe, to stay at the forefront of learning solutions and to support clients in implementing successful digital solutions within their organisations.

Laurent has over 15 years of experience in the education and technology environment.

Laurent developed an innovative international company specialised in language learning (Telelangue) and accompanied it in its integration into the Mondial Berlitz group. He was then responsible for promoting and disseminating all the Digital Learning offers within the Berlitz group at a global level.

Head of Business Development
Yousra Charrouf
E-learning Consultant

As a PhD in Psychology of Learning, she has always been interested in the processes of knowledge acquisition, restitution and evaluation. These years of research have allowed her to understand that there is no right or wrong approach but rather a balance to be found between several variables.

Yousra is a member of the After-Sales team, which is responsible for supporting clients in the implementation of their training projects. This ranges from project launch, through LMS training and content digitisation, to project implementation.

Each situation is unique, each client has specificities that must be taken into consideration when preparing the follow-up programme. Only a personalised support can guarantee the success of the project.

E-learning Consultant
Salmi Meryem
E-learning Consultant
Our know-how is based on the rich and complementary experience of
e-learning professionals from different cultures and environments

Meryem is a journalist and communications officer. She also holds a Master's degree in Multimedia Creation Engineering and Artistic Direction of from the University of Nice Sofia-Antipolis.

With 8 years of experience in the field of journalism and in and digital communication, Meryem Salmi joined Dokeos in June 2020. June 2020.

For Meryem, communication is an art: "It is a source of sharing and It is a source of sharing and creating human links, even in the digital world."

She applies this principle on a daily basis at Dokeos by wearing two hats The accompaniment of clients in their needs for the digitalisation of training and the and writing content and business cases.

E-learning Consultant
Abdellaoui Reda
E-learning Consultant

Should Artificial Intelligence be integrated into training systems? Would it help to extend the scope of our skills?

At Dokeos, we are convinced that the answer is no. We favour human intelligence to build and support your e-learning projects.

Reda Abdellaoui holds a Master's degree in Organisational Management and is certified in training engineering. Reda Abdellaoui joined Dokeos in September 2020.

Today, Reda is a Project Manager in the Dokeos consulting team.

His mission: to help you find E-learning solutions for your projects, but above all to provide personalised support to his clients in the success of their E-learning projects, using innovative technical and pedagogical methods.

E-learning Consultant

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