How Our New AI-Generated Questionnaires Make the Creation of E-Learning Programs Easier

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Questionnaires are an integral part of any post-course review when training a sales team. It provides invaluable feedback for training managers. Use the data to gauge overall sentiment and identify areas of improvement. For questionnaires to be effective, you have to ask the right questions and follow-ups that provide both quantitative and qualitative responses. Devising surveys can be time-consuming. Fortunately, Dokeos’ new AI-generated questionnaire takes the time and guesswork out of this process.

Save time

Any HR or training manager will attest that manually developing survey questions isn’t exactly a simple five-minute task. You have to come up with your own questions, follow-ups, question ordering, etc. Furthermore, there are a lot of checkmarks to satisfy when producing a training survey, such as:

  • Should the question be multiple choice or an open response?
  • Does the question provide meaningful metrics? 
  • Is this a question the survey taker is comfortable answering?
  • Will the survey taker answer this question honestly or answer based on what they think the admin wants to hear?

AI-generated questionnaires can produce fully comprehensive questions based on the course content. Your only responsibility is to feed the AI with your own suggestions (i.e. 60% multiple choice and 40% open-answers).

Acquire qualitative data

Modern AI is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, it has made tremendous strides and is becoming ever more adept at evaluating qualitative data and converting the information into usable data. AI can produce the right open-ended questions suitable for your industry and course type, both as standalone questions or as follow-ups. The information provides a more in-depth analysis of employee sentiment that cannot be captured through multiple-choice pre-selected answers. Learn more specific insights regarding individual grievances, complaints, accommodations, and requests.

Create follow-up and pulse surveys in seconds

Creating a questionnaire isn’t a one-and-done deal. Acquiring meaningful trainee input requires constant feedback. You need initial and post-course surveys, as well as shorter pulse surveys mid-course. Each questionnaire requires measured brainstorming and time to develop and roll out. AI-generated questionnaires can produce ready-to-use surveys in just a few clicks. You can use these as they are, or provide instructions to get the AI to craft more custom-fitted questions. Even if the latter, the process takes minutes and not hours as is the case if performed manually.

Improve the next round of training courses

Typical surveys end with questions on improvement for future implementation. Instead of reading every individual response, the AI can discern open-ended feedback, convert it into data, and apply or make suggestions for future course updates. 

As AI still has its limitations, some manual evaluations may still be necessary, but AI can partially take the load off HR’s shoulders. This process is especially made easier with Dokeos with its learning management system, AI-generated surveys, and analytics that are all integrated and not operated off disparate platforms.

Produce surveys to address real-time issues

Unforeseen issues can come up mid-course. AI can generate surveys at an exceptionally fast turn-around to acquire data regarding concerns as they arise in real-time. For example, employees may express on the course forum that a module contains subtly offensive content. Generate questionnaires on the fly to determine the root of the problem, such as:

  • What part of the content was deemed offensive?
  • Which group may take offense (e.g. women, the disabled)
  • How can moderators address the issue?
  • How can the content be modified without altering the intended message?

With quickly released surveys, you’re sending a message that you take employee concerns seriously and are taking active recourse.

Streamline survey generation with our AI-generated questionnaires

Dokeos’ new AI-generated questionnaires utilize the latest machine-learning capabilities. With just a few clicks, produce an industry-specific survey or quiz in seconds. Use intuitive and automated features, such as drag-and-drop and question/answer ordering generator. Our questionnaires are made to elicit holistic feedback, prevent copying and other fraudulent behavior, and generate questions optimal for data analytics.

Our AI-produced questionnaires are a part of our comprehensive LMS, which has been used by hundreds of European and American companies since our founding in 2004. Sign up for a free trial and make life easier for course creators and administrators!

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