Certify competences

Automatically issue customised and industry-compliant certificates for each learner

Customise your certificates

  • Issue them based on a success threshold
  • Modify our templates or add your own
  • View learner data using smart variables
  • Set an expiry date
  • Ensure compliance with your industry’s regulatory requirements

new competences

Depending on the certified skills of your learners, Dokeos will personalise their training path. They will be able to follow training courses adapted to their level and career aspirations. As the administrator, you define the catalogue of recommended training courses.

Validate your SOPs

Validate your learners’ mastery of SOPs from Dokeos LMS to provide auditors with Individual Training Files. These provide legal proof of your validation thanks to the electronic signature and the guarantee that the data will not be falsified. 

Hundreds of organisations certify their teams online with Dokeos LMS