White paper: Evaluation of reasoning

Livre blanc: Évaluation du raisonnement

Dokeos has published a new white paper dedicated to the practical evaluation of reasoning, drawing on case studies from pharmacists.

Reasoning is a skill entirely of its own, drawing on a person’s cognitive and personal faculties, and needs to be evaluated through specific activities.

Evaluating reasoning

Would you board a plane if the pilot had only been assessed using a multiple choice questionnaire? The world of community pharmacies is also governed by specific challenges. It calls for a type of evaluation that can understand the reasoning and judgment that learners make when facing real situations.

However, multiple choice questionnaires allow for several levels of complexity. Each answer is linked to a supplementary question that seeks to understand the motivations of learners in selecting a particular answer.

The quiz is completed with information on the consequences of those choices in order to assess the learner’s reasoning. The white paper, written by Thomas De Praetere, CEO of Dokeos, brings together evaluation techniques devised from case studies.

Download “Evaluating reasoning using pharmacist case studies”

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