4 Strategies To Integrate Mobile Learning In Life Science Compliance Online Training

Every company must deal with compliance protocols. However, they are particularly stringent in the life science industry. To keep up with current laws and company policies, your online training initiatives must make the most of modern tech. In this article, I’ll share 4 strategies for incorporating mobile learning into your company’s life science compliance online training program. 

How To Integrate Mobile Learning In Life Science Compliance Online Training

Life science companies must adhere to strict rules and regulations in order to avoid costly compliance violations. This makes training a top priority, as your employees are on the front lines everyday representing your brand. But how do you make the online training process cost effective for your organization and convenient for your staff members? The solution is integrating mobile learning within your life science compliance online training strategy. Here are 4 tips and techniques to provide your employees with on-the-go life science compliance online training resources.

1. Choose The Right Responsive Design Tool

Creating different versions of your life science compliance online training resources is time-consuming and costly. First, you must identify which devices your employees typically use. Then design separate corporate eLearning templates based on the screen size, resolution, and navigation controls. Fortunately, responsive design tools give you the power to create a master layout that automatically adjusts to the user’s device. As such, you’re able to deploy optimized versions of your life science compliance online training activities, assessments, and modules. There are even rapid responsive design authoring tools that feature built-in online assets, such as online training templates, images, and audio elements.

2. Provide Microlearning Opportunities

Microlearning life science compliance online training resources are easy to consume. Employees get the information they need more rapidly so that they can go about their work day, instead of sitting through a half hour life science compliance online training course to fill their knowledge gaps. Bite-size online training content is also quicker and most cost effective to deploy. As such, it’s a great way for your life science to wade into the water of mobile learning for a minimal investment. Just make sure you focus on one objective or desired outcome for each microlearning life science compliance online training activity or module. This helps to prevent cognitive overload and improves knowledge retention.

3. Repurpose Your Existing Compliance Online Training Materials

Many life science companies already have pre-built online training resources from their current online or face-to-face training courses. You have the ability to repurpose these compliance online training materials and make them mobile-friendly. However, keep in mind that it’s not as simple as merely uploading the existing online training content to your responsive design tool. You must whittle down the information to the bare necessities and consider the overall user experience. For example, an FDA compliance online training course contains a variety of images and hyperlinks. These elements are challenging for mobile users. Therefore, you may have to optimize the images to reduce the clutter and enlarge the hyperlinks. Better still, turn them into buttons so that employees can tap through to the supplemental compliance online training resources.

4. Offer Self-Guided Mobile Knowledge Refreshers

Employees need periodic knowledge checks and refreshers to reinforce their compliance knowledge. For example, mobile-friendly online training tutorials or simulations that allow them to brush up on their task performance. These self-guided online training activities allow them to track their own progress and bridge gaps to stay current with compliance protocols. They can also seek out additional mobile learning activities or modules to hone their talents and keep up-to-date with company policy. Encourage your employees to create their own self-assessment schedule based on their certifications. For example, they are legally required to renew a compliance online training certificate each year. A few weeks before the exam they can access knowledge refreshers to improve their comprehension and identify areas for improvement.

3 Benefits Of Mobile-Friendly Compliance Online Training

1. Increases Employee Engagement

Mobile learning makes compliance online training more convenient. Employees can access the online training materials whenever it fits into their schedule. As a result, they are more likely to engage with the compliance online training course and get more from the online training experience. Employees also know that the mobile learning materials are custom tailored to their needs. Especially, if they are in the form of microlearning online training tutorials or infographics that focus on specific life science compliance issues. Therefore, they are motivated to participate because it will actually yield real world benefits.

2. Improves Compliance Online Training ROI

More engaged employees equates to more effective compliance online training. This translates into a better return on your investment. Mobile learning life science compliance online training also involves less seat time. As a result, your employees can get the knowledge and skills they require more rapidly. Integrating mobile learning within your compliance program also improves workplace efficiency and productivity. Employees are knowledgeable about the latest life science compliance regulations and company policies. Therefore, they are able to streamline their work processes in order to comply with guidelines.

3. Reduces Compliance Risks

One of the most notable benefits of using mobile learning for your life science compliance online training program is reducing risk. Mobile learning makes online training materials more accessible. Employees can get all the compliance online training resources they need at a moment’s notice. As a result, they are more likely to adhere to company standards, which safeguards your consumers and prevents costly violations. It’s wise to conduct a risk analysis beforehand to identify areas of concern. Then you can create mobile learning online training resources that focus on specific compliance issues. For example, employees are struggling with data management protocols in your R&D department. In response, your organization is able to create customized mobile learning materials, such as task simulations and scenarios. Your LMS stores all the performance data, which you can present during an audit to comply with regulatory standards.

Mobile-friendly online training content can enhance your current life science compliance online training program and improve ROI. Find the best tools for the task and create targeted compliance online training resources for your life science company. Bear in mind that audience research and training needs analysis are crucial first steps in the process, as they allow you to develop and deploy more effective mobile learning online training resources that achieve the desired results.

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