Advantages of the cloud software as a service model for DOKEOS ELEARNING

Four reasons why harnessing cloud computing makes elearning more effective and less expensive, such as with software as a service.

The DOKEOS elearning solution is effective for companies due to its software as a service model. This type of service, which derives directly from the cloud computing concept, has several advantages.

Cloud computing is already part of the everyday

Did you know that you’ve probably used software as a service without even knowing it? Email services such as Gmail or Hotmail and their equivalents offered by service providers like Mail Orange work this way. These are software applications that we use over the Internet without downloading them onto our computer.

Examples are not limited to email services but are prevalent in many sectors, especially in the office with Google Apps, LotusLive and Office Web Apps. The success of software as a service is real and readily applicable to elearning. Cloud computing, software as a service, and professional elearning are all complementary.

Elearning for less

Certain analysis shows that governments could realise savings of 20-25% on IT budgets by migrating to the cloud. In companies too, software as a service is a source of significant savings. Imagine having no CDs or boxes to store, no additional servers to install, no need for useless hosting, and IT managers more available to handle other tasks. Furthermore, IT spending could be classified as an operating expense, rather than an expense that depreciates. Elearning solutions are becoming less expensive, less cumbersome to implement, faster to create and ultimately more readily adaptable to your employees’ training needs. With the DOKEOS solution you can create complete training courses in just a few days!

Distance training made easier

Elearning applications distributed as software as a service – DOKEOS for example – can be managed through a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, with consumers no longer needing to perform updates, add security patches, and ensure service availability. DOKEOS takes care of everything online, removing the pressure from IT departments. Implementation of your elearning solution is thereby faster, easier, and more straightforward. This means you can concentrate on your real work: preparing or developing the content you need to train your staff.

The flexibility of cloud computing

Ultimately, a cloud elearning solution is usable anywhere: at home, on the road, on holiday, and of course in your or someone else’s office, in the boardroom, and on your smartphone or tablet. Time that would otherwise be wasted can now be used to learn and train. The flexibility afforded by the DOKEOS elearning solution, not to mention its simplicity and usability, will make this the preferred learning tool among your staff.

Simple, flexible, economical and powerful, the DOKEOS elearning solution is perfectly suited to the business world. Discover it free for 60 days.