Dokeos, professional training in the cloud

New open source cloud solution Dokeos is an adapted remote professional training solution for companies.

New open source cloud solution Dokeos is an adapted remote professional training solution for companies.

After an exceptional 2013, 2014 promises to be a great year once again in the field of elearning, in particular thanks to Dokeos learning Suite.

But let’s briefly return to 2013, a year that really marked the arrival of online training in Europeans’ daily lives. The exponential growth in online courses, MOOCs, webinars, online conferences, the rapid development of new operators, new solutions and professional training platforms in Europe and the United States made headlines and seduced surfers.

Remote and in-house training

Especially for companies, HR and marketing departments, these new ways of professional training are an opportunity, but they pose a problem at the same time. They can enable these departments to imagine new ways of training their staff and putting in place new kinds of pedagogy and innovative remote training strategies. On condition, however, that they are adapted to the needs of the corporate world: security, feasibility, flexibility, etc.

Elearning, cloud and open source

Amongst the solutions of interest to HR and marketing professionals, Dokeos should certainly come out of this year unscathed. As an open source elearning solution supported by a large community of developers, Dokeos definitely starts the year floating on a cloud! Dokeos’s new version has in fact just been launched as Software as a Service (SaaS).

What is the advantage of elearning in the cloud for HR and marketing professionals? It’s the fact that a permanent remote training platform is guaranteed; it is economical, quick to install and easy to use, and allows the provision and effective management of a vast range of online courses, MOOCs, learning scenarios, quizzes, webinars, online conferences, podcasts and online data storage, while facilitating interaction between users.

Dokeos, leading the way in 2014!

In positioning itself on the crossroads of three of today’s major internet evolutions – open source, elearning and the cloud – Dokeos has all the assets to see its community and solutions grow at a rapid pace.

So 2014 has all the chance of being a new year of strong development for Dokeos. Benefit now and discover our Dokeos solution to set up your remote professional training system and improve professional training in your company.

Boost training in your company and discover Dokeos Learning Suite!

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