Axea Solutions: profiling used for healthcare elearning

The Dokeos LMS is perfectly adapted to the requirements of healthcare elearning, particularly given the highly specific profiling of users it offers.

The Dokeos LMS is perfectly adapted to the requirements of healthcare elearning, particularly given the highly specific profiling of users it offers.

Finding an elearning solution that offered powerful profiling of participants was the challenge for Axea Solutions, a US company specialising in healthcare training. Located in the state of Georgia, the company organises training for the staff of hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

The need: An LMS adapted to the complex structure of hospitals

Businesses in the clinical and pharmaceutical research industry, including hospitals and laboratories, need fast, regular and thorough staff training. Given the realities of hospital work, this is difficult to do face to face.

Axea Solutions contacted Dokeos following their need to provide hospital clients with training about the new international classifications of diseases (ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS) established by the World Health Organization. This online training needed to include a comprehensive training scenario with:

  • Training materials based on Powerpoint documents and audio
  • Application exercises
  • Evaluation tests on the progress made during the training
  • Customised assessment reports for each participant

In order to qualify their personnel and validate the training processes, Axea Solutions’ customers also wanted a very specific user profiling that could be carried out on each hospital, department and unit. The objective of this profiling was to obtain accurate and flexible reporting. It was considered essential to enable trainers to filter the information received and act more appropriately, for example by notifying a department or unit that was lagging with training.

The Dokeos solution: a powerful and flexible profiling solution suitable for healthcare elearning.

Dokeos offered Axea an elearning tool that was perfectly suited to its needs, as well as to the internal structures of its hospital clients.

1. Dokeos Manager to:

  • develop training scenarios.
  • perform advanced quizzes that allow learners to receive personalised feedback.
  • Precise profiling of users based on their results, the entity in which they work and any other relevant criteria for the trainer.
  • Make targeted ads for learners according to their individual situation in their training.
  • Organise courses and sessions that respected the organisation of the client’s company.
  • Produce highly accurate reporting on the work of each student, unit, department and hospital.

2. Dokeos Author to convert Powerpoint presentations into Scorm format, and add audio commentary.

3 Dokeos Evaluation for learners to assess and certify their results.

Thanks to the highly accurate reporting and profiling, Axea Solutions was able to provide hospitals in Georgia with a healthcare elearning LMS that met the expectations and requirements of the WHO’s new classifications.

Axea Solutions was able to significantly expand its elearning and increase its customer base. Over the next 6 months, more than 2,000 professionals are expected to undertake the elearning training that Axea Solutions designed in collaboration with Dokeos.

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