Digitisation of training: resolutions

corporate digitisation

From mobile learning to big data and social learning, training is adapting to the needs of digitalisation. Below are some good resolutions in 2015.

Digitisation of media: the domination of mobile

Companies have a need for flexible training adapted to the different ways employees operate. In 2015, mobile learning should find its place in digital online learning training programmes.

Learning via smartphone, m-learning or mobile learning is emerging as the best distance learning tool. Thanks to advances in Internet technologies, training content will be accessible everywhere and at all hours, and compatible with any type of phone.

While an opportunity for companies, this also imposes the constraint that content be adapted to the media. And this means more than just designing platforms to make them responsive.

In fact, it means reviewing the entire strategy – especially in terms of the learner’s level of attention. M-learning requires thinking about micro-learning, which essentially means learning sequenced into several short modules (from 30 seconds to 3 minutes).

The analysis of big data

The incorporation of big data analysis technologies should also be one of the resolutions made by corporate learning managers. Collected during training programmes, big data provides insight into learners and how they learn.

Ultimately, big data can help build digital online learning programmes that are more inspiring and engaging for participants. The user experience will be enhanced and training will be geared more towards the final result.

Social learning

In 2015, LMS will integrate the ever-more important dimension of sharing information. Learning will be more social:

  • Employees will exchange content,
  • Share their results on social media,
  • Recommend the courses they have followed,
  • Explore online course catalogues based on courses taken by their leaders or the most popular courses.

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