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Dokeos is open up to the point of promiscuity. This means we tweak the LMS to your needs thanks to a sophisticated methodology that includes: 

  • A public API: 
  • A series of plugins including : SCORM, Math, Virtual Reality, Multisite, Skills evaluation, …
  • More than 12 languages
  • A wide 500.000+ users community
  • Off the shelve course material
  • Authoring tools including Genially, Articulate Rise, H5P and more
  • Open source technology like CK Editor or  XMind Mindmapping tools
  • Public Images library:
  • Github code repositories
  • Shopify online shopping
  • Free tools like Screencast O Matic, Canva, LibreOffice, and more …

Hundread of organizations work with Dokeos LMS and its open APIs

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