Mastering GxP Compliance: Elevate Your Team with GxP Training

GXP training

Most industries have their respective GxP compliance, such as GMP for the manufacturing sector, GLP for science laboratories, etc. Whichever your niche falls under, proficient knowledge in this area is non-negotiable. Failure to comply from even just a single employee can have devastating consequences, ranging from fines to PR damage. Fortunately, GxP compliance training doesn’t require drastic overhauls, nor does it have to disrupt daily business operations. With our GXP Training catalog of accredited online courses, get your staff up to speed in an engaging and cost-efficient manner.

Get your employees accredited

Accreditation is proof that employees have undergone training approved by official regulating bodies. Our GXP Training catalog of accredited online courses includes a certificate of completion and full CEU/CPD accreditation. Accreditation and certification puts employees in an advantageous spot with the company and also if they transfer or switch to a different company in the same industry. The accreditation factor can be a huge motivator, especially if HR emphasizes how this can positively impact individual career development.

Demonstrate compliance adherence in good faith

A failed audit or compliance issue doesn’t result in automatic penalties. There are reviews and a chance for the company to defend itself. GxP courses and accreditation show that you took reasonable measures to educate your staff on industry practices and protocol, and there was no negligence on your end. This can be major evidence in your favor and help you avoid fines, further audits, and other legal ramifications.

Material you can submit to auditors to demonstrate good faith compliance includes:

  • Certificates of completion
  • The e-course purchased from a reputable service provider
  • Compliance webinars and conference calls
  • Analytics showing completion, participation, and engagement rate

Minimal disruption to business operations

There are concerns that GxP training may disrupt employees’ on-the-job time. E-learning’s major advantage is that it can be completed remotely; for most people, that means at home. Unless in-person field or hands-on training is required, the learning component can be done outside of work. Contrary to belief, mandated training in the employees’ own time isn’t a morale killer if done right. Best compliance education practices include: 

  • Dividing courses into modules
  • Keeping modules short and easy to skim
  • Releasing just one module at a time
  • Making the course available 24/7

GxP training that doesn’t feel like training

You were likely met with groans when informing the staff of an incoming GxP training session. Nobody looks forward to it, but you can make the sessions more palpable, or less of a chore with engaging content. If you choose to create your own GXP training courses on your LMS, bridge the gap between learning and play with gamified elements like:

  • Competitions with scoreboards
  • Digital trophies and medals
  • Memes and GIFs to make the content less formal and foster a more relaxed environment

The key is to make the course itself a hub for team members to interact and make it a peer-friendly learning environment. Gamification is a fun way to bring members together and collaborate on an otherwise unengaging topic.

Training methodologies that are easy to understand

Formal compliance manuals are written in heavy industry jargon and leave much for interpretation, even among industry employees. GxP training is written in everyday and layman-friendly language. HR can further assist in the comprehension with supplemental material, such as:

  • Live webinars to address questions and concerns
  • Infographics that sum up statistical figures in an easy-to-understand visual format
  • Course material divided into short segments for easy learning retention
  • Videos demonstrating regulations applied in a real-world work setting

Just because compliance is a formal subject matter doesn’t mean its educational component has to be difficult to comprehend. Use diverse media to break the jargon and industry-speak down to simple language.

Personalized training options

With e-learning, learners have the option to receive their course material in different formats. For example:

  • Text can be delivered via audio, and transcribed by an AI narrator. Narration speed can also be adjusted.
  • Text font and size can be changed
  • Course material can be printed, if the learner chooses to read and take notes via traditional pen and paper.
  • Courses can be optimized for both desktop and mobile learning
  • Change content formatting (e.g. scrolling vs swiping to move to the next page)

Diverse options give employees the sense that they have some form of control over their learning. It makes the training as a whole more mentally digestible. 

Select from our library of pre-made GxP compliance courses 

GxP Training is an extensive catalog of more than 65 GxP courses, all accredited and covering the clinical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing sectors and more. Implement the course as is or integrate your own material using Dokeos learning management system. Our courses are 100% online and fully accredited, each providing over 130 hours of diverse content.
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