Personalised elearning training

Personalised elearning training

Dokeos lets you create elearning training courses personalised for the individual.

Elearning is not only about learning, but also communication. To ensure your learners don’t feel alone at their computers, Dokeos gives you the tools to put in place a truly individualised elearning experience.

No elearning without customised communication

In the same way a teacher needs to communicate with students in classroom training, an elearning trainer must similarly establish a personal, high-quality communication link with participants. Communication is essential if learners are to be kept motivated. A participant who does not communicate with the trainer may get discouraged and give up on the course.

Automated but personalised announcements

Dokeos provides trainers with a variety of tools to maintain active and personalised communication with participants, such as forums, chat, video conferencing and personalised, targeted announcements. The Dokeos Manager Announcements tool allows you to send emails to:

  • An individual
  • A group of people
  • All those who have reached a certain point in the training stage

You can:

  • Communicate directly with participants of your choice
  • Program customised messages depending on the stage reached by the participants. These messages will be sent automatically to your participants and allow you to easily keep in touch, regardless of how many they are.

Dokeos Manager also allows you to automatically include data from the user database in the message, such as the name of the student or their trainer, as with a mail merge. In this way even an automated message can be carefully customised to capture the recipient’s attention.

Personalised elearning training

Case Study: Prescrire magazine

Each year, Prescrire magazine uses Dokeos Manager to assist more than 1,000 doctors and pharmacists in a Professional Practices Improvement programme.

The magazine’s editorial team communicates with the reader-participants by sending targeted emails based on each one’s progress, using the Dokeos Manager Announcements tool and its “Target recipients based on their progress” function.

In this way Dokeos integrates communication into the training sequence. It creates an individualised experience based on interactions where everyone receives relevant information based on their progress. Dokeos gives you a diverse set of solutions to effectively communicate with your employees and customers. Want to test Dokeos and its features? Try it free for 60 days.

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