The COOC: weapon of mass marketing

A COOC (Corporate Open Online Course) is a large-scale training module that companies are now using to train their customers, and drive greater loyalty.

A COOC (Corporate Open Online Course) is a large-scale training module that companies are now using to train their customers, and drive greater loyalty.

In recent times we have been supporting the emergence of COOCs, or corporate open online courses, which are the commercial variants of MOOCs (massive open online courses). Since first appearing in 2008, these virtual courses for mass audiences have generally been intended for schools and universities.

Google, Microsoft and others were quick to offer MOOCs to help consumers use their products.

But another change is now taking place. The COOC could quickly integrate marketing strategies used by small and large businesses.

COOC: intelligent marketing…

Moving beyond traditional advertising, this method allows you to inform or educate the user through specific content that is targeted and adds value. It’s a clever way to create a unique experience of the brand that goes further than its products.
For companies and organisations looking for new ways to attract and retain customers and prospects, it’s a strategy that can pay off. This is especially the case on the Internet, where competition is one click away, and marketing efforts need to be as creative as possible to seduce the browsing consumer.

Already today, the World Bank offers free online courses on health, climate change or sustainable development to its partners and technical experts. Tomorrow, car dealers could be offering MOOCs on how to properly take care of cars. Recruitment firms disseminate professional development courses, underlining the relevance of their brand, while simultanesouly enabling the recruitment of a more highly skilled audience.

Simple … and long-range

What distinguishes MOOCs from restricted online courses is the number of participants: 1,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 people can enroll in a MOOC.

It is impossible to conceive of the same support, and level of engagement, with a private course. We are more than happy with what this simple educational tool offers:

  • A series of videos (simulations, scenarios, illustrations)
  • Self-assessment quizzes
  • A forum to satisfy participants’ desire for interaction

Members of these forums are often energetic and more than able to help each other, giving the company a new understanding about its needs and expectations.

Dokeos and the COOC market

Dokeos has been positioned in this market for over 2 years with its elearning suite.

  • Dokeos CHANNEL disseminates videos.
  • Dokeos EVALUATION for evaluating and certifying skills.
  • Dokeos FORUM (within DOKEOS Manager) manages interactions among large numbers.

But the most-used DOKEOS functionality for COOCs is the contextual ad system that targets recipients based on their progress in the course.

Sponsors can in this way reach their targets with material that is sometimes for marketing and sometimes educational. It is also possible to integrate their training sequence into a funnel for the purchase and consumption of goods and services.

A major player in the world of cloud-based elearning, Dokeos is an ideal solution for developing a business MOOC.

The DOKEOS elearning suite allows you to:

  • Create online courses, quickly combining text, images and video
  • Easily integrate existing documents (Word, Powerpoint, PDFs)
  • Evaluate the results of each participant and certify the skills acquired
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of all internal documents posted

Depending on your needs, you can use the Dokeos elearning solution or request a tailored offer for your business.

AXA, Banque Postale, Delifrance, Ipsen, Roullier, Red Hat, and Securitas are among the hundreds of businesses that trust Dokeos.