Dokeos Game

With DOKEOS GAME, evaluate your course participants’ skills in realistic scenarios that are fun and 3D.

  • Develop applied games without prior design knowledge
  • Create immersive 3D scenarios
  • Assess your participants’ soft skills accurately
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DOKEOS GAME, an interface for designing your serious games and evaluating your course participants.

  • Intuitive design: create realistic serious games in just a few clicks

    • Design 3D animation capsules using the tool developed by ItyStudio and integrated into DOKEOS GAME. The serious game format has never been so accessible.
    • Select from a library of animations and 3D backgrounds in order to immerse your students in situations resembling everyday life.
    • Save time through efficiency: animations and backgrounds are pre-recorded and ready for inclusion in your project.
  • Immersive scenarios: Conceive your serious game scenario with ease, using the scene visualisation tool

    • Write your own dialogue to be spoken by 3D characters.
    • Give the animated characters expressions and emotional reactions to make the action more realistic.
    • Devise different scenarios based on the user’s behaviour and responsiveness during the game. Visualise the linkages between scenes on a 2D plane at a glance.
  • Accurate evaluation of soft skills: decide which skills to assess

    • Determine the soft skills needing to be evaluated. Each game stage corresponds to a specific skill.
    • Test your course participants in lifelike scenarios, in a fun way.
    • Guarantee course participants detailed feedback based on evaluation criteria that you determine.

  • DOKEOS GAME is the primary tool for designing openly accessible serious games.

    • Determine the number of acts within your scenario. For each act choose the venue and characters involved from a library of 3D animations and backgrounds.
    • Write dialogue and integrate a voiceover for each scene.
    • Use our powerful scenario visualisation tool to organise the order of scenes and offer participants the choice between different situations at the end of each stage.
    • Relate each proposition to a specific scene. Depending on the participant’s choice, redirect them to the relevant next scene.
  • Evaluate your participants’ soft skills with DOKEOS GAME

    • Determine your own areas of assessment based on the skills you would participants to acquire.
    • Assign a number of points to each stage of your evaluation scenario.
    • Receive detailed feedback on your participants’ performance upon their completion of the serious game.
    • Write and send a report card to each participant based on their score.
  • Translate and export your serious games

    • Translate your serious game content into multiple languages with ease using the DOKEOS GAME translation tool.
    • Export the serious games you create with DOKEOS to any learning management system (LMS) (SCORM compliant).
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