Dokeos Live

DOKEOS LIVE allows you to organize rich, interactive meetings, courses, and conferences online and in real-time using a simple web browser. You get powerful features that maximize your interaction with participants – it’s just like talking face to face! 

  • Organize meetings and conferences online
  • Share your screen
  • Enjoy high-quality audio and HD video
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Scheduling your training courses and collaborating live with your partners has never been easier with DOKEOS LIVE

    • Online meetings: schedule rich webinars and video conferencing in just one click

      • Organize online discussions with ease using DOKEOS LIVE. This tool is integrated into the Dokeos portal, requiring no additional installation on your computer
      • Hold live discussions, regardless of your audiences’ locations
    • Screen sharing: work collaboratively and discuss your topics and training courses in real time

      • Screen share function lets participants comment and interact during live video conferences
      • Upload slides and documents during the discussion and easily annotate and highlight important elements to the audience
  • HD-quality sound and video: interact with your participants in a qualitative manner

    • Superior HD sound quality
    • Crisp, HD resolution delivers clear video to ensure meeting quality for your audience

  • DOKEOS LIVE, your platform for live communication

    • Start conferences immediately, simply connect to the Internet; there’s nothing to download or install
    • Share your knowledge with your audience using PowerPoint support
    • Discuss and annotate your presentations in real time
    • High-quality HD audio and video
    • Save your lectures and courses as recordings and broadcast them again later on video or post them on a channel such as YouTube
  • Communicate directly with your participants

    • Engage live with your participants and manage their interactions during question and answer sessions.
    • Enable or disable audio for each audience member as needed
    • Use the chat feature for all participants or just a select few
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