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Create your branded eLearning marketplace and deliver free or subscription-based learning resources with DOKEOS SHOP 

  • Deliver or sell personalized training online to a wide audience
  • Easily customize your catalog and your courses to reflect your organization branding
  • Efficiently promote your courses using integrated product information pages
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DOKEOS SHOP lets you create a rich eLearning marketplace to promote and sell customized training and personalized product offerings

  • Sales: create rich training and learning catalogs intended for sale

    • Generate profits from your training courses using your personal DOKEOS SHOP portal
    • Manage training catalogs with ease. DOKEOS SHOP centralizes your products with a powerful, yet easy to use interface
    • Secure shopping cart that lets you accept all types of payment safely and securely
  • Personalization: customize your programs to you target buyers

    • Arrange and display your product catalog with various themes and categories
    • Offer your potential clients a variety of training formats, courses, modules, or sessions
    • Effectively manage pricing and access availability for each of your products
  • Promotion: boost the visibility of your DOKEOS SHOP products

    • Communicate your training content efficiently using detailed product descriptions
    • Leverage the usability of the DOKEOS optimize visibility and maximize your sales
    • Take advantage of traffic on the DOKEOS platform to reach potential buyers

  • DOKEOS SHOP has all the features you need to sell your training courses to current and/or prospective audiences.

    • Create one or more training catalogues adapted to your target audience.
    • Select the courses or sessions you wish to sell in a given catalogue.
    • Determine the price and duration of access for each of your products.

  • Create product information sheets to make your content engaging

    • Promote training catalogues using the product information sheets available.
    • Adapt each information sheet with a sales pitch text and attractive image to optimise shopping cart conversions.
    • Propose a straightforward and reassuring buying process administered through the DOKEOS SHOP.
  • Take advantage of secure payment solutions

    Select one or more secure payment solutions:

    • Paypal
    • Credit card
    • Bank transfer
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