Skills enhancement through elearning


There are many different forms of intelligence in today’s corporate business. What if elearning could sharpen your employees’ individual talents?

Elearning in support of talent management

Learners most effectively absorb the skills of e-learning modules when they use a method that is tailored to their learning style. The combination of activities and assessments available through the LMS  can fortify the various talents and forms of intelligence within a company. It is important to understand which types of activities, presentations and assessments are best suited to the learner.

Kinaesthetic intelligence

Physicians, athletes and people engaged in manual labour are learn particularly well through gestures and movement. Motivate them by providing activities that require physical interaction: drag and drop, games and other simulations that incorporate touch, movement and manipulation.

Linguistic and verbal intelligence

People who work in communications are skilled in written and oral expression. They respond well to e-learning activities that incorporate narratives, scenarios, and on-line discussions.

Logical and mathematical intelligence

Employees in your financial and scientific departments are able to evaluate and solve abstract logical problems, and can easily recognize patterns and structures. To help them recall information, offer activities that use logical or scientific reasoning, such as graphs, tables and scenarios that incorporate sets of clues.

Social intelligence

Leaders, politicians, sales representatives and mediators are receptive to collaborative learning and peer interaction. In your elearning modules, encourage them to exchange ideas through on-line discussions, and create original and unique scenarios  where they can engage in role playing.

Spatial and visual intelligence

Do you work with engineers or people in the construction industry, who are endowed with strong visual-spatial abilities? Your modules should include colourful and visually stimulating images, illustrations, graphs, multimedia and games.

The Dokeos team is expert in business cases, problem-based learning and adapting the elearning exercises to the type of expected skills. They work hand-in-hand with your training and HR departments to identify the relevant training and evaluation programs and implement them in Dokeos learning suite software.

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