Using an LMS for Retail Training

How to Use an LMS for Retail Training: 3 Proven Methods Consumers expect more from retailers today. Before COVID, two-thirds of businesses competed on customer experience—but the pandemic has made customer experience a must for all businesses.  In pre-COVID times, it was already difficult to keep your retail staff trained and engaged. During a pandemic […]

6 tips to create amazing hands-on online training demos

Online training demos offer employees a visual walk through of complex processes, which helps to improve retention and understanding. The saying goes that “seeing is believing”, but there are also times when seeing is comprehending. In this article, I’ll share 6 tips to create amazing hands-on online training demos for your corporate eLearning program. An […]

Extended enterprise: managing training with LMS

How can you generate profit, increase your partners’ productivity and your customers’ loyalty? By setting up extended enterprise training with your LMS. What is extended enterprise? In an interconnected world, businesses can no longer function in isolation, focusing only on their own place of work and training their employees. Extended enterprise involves customers, distribution partners, […]

Major e-learning trends in 2016

Big data, compliance and automation: discover the e-learning trends to follow in 2016. The challenge ahead may be daunting, but it’s also very exciting!