Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Compliance Training: The 5 Key Features Dokeos Gives Your LMS

Effective healthcare and pharmaceutical compliance training begins with having the right LMS tools in your toolbox. Here’s what to look for. 

Healthcare and pharmaceutical compliance training has now become critical. Companies must ensure that their entire organization is compliant with ever-evolving governmental regulations and aligned with industry standards and overall best practices. That’s why it is critical to find a pharmaceutical and health care industry-compliant Leaning Management System with the right tools, detailed reporting, and easy-to-use management features. Here are 5 key things that you should look for when choosing a Learning Management System for effective healthcare and pharmaceutical compliance training. 

The LMS plaform needs to be intuitive and easy to use

In order to make compliance training engaging, you need to use a mix of training tools such as documents, PowerPoint presentations, video, and more. But the platform it’s delivered on is just as critical. If your system isn’t reliable or is difficult to use, users will get frustrated, making training and information retention problematic. Dokeos was designed from the ground up to make compliance training easy for both the administrator and the user. Dokeos delivers industry-leading, intuitive tools, and resources in an easy to use and easy to understand UI. Plus, Dokeos lets you try things out for 60 days, so you can get a true picture of how your training can be used and how your learners will actually use it.

Make compliance testing easy to take and easy to evaluate

Knowing where you need to add training is the key to having a fully compliant organization. Big Data helps you identify and understand your employee skill gaps to help trainers and managers develop, refine, and align training strategies that help close these gaps.  It provides objective, quantitative data that helps managers identify areas where employees are strongest and where additional support is needed. It also helps managers to better manage their employee career development.

Compliance reporting needs to make sense

Solid compliance reporting is critical for effective compliance management and auditing. Your LMS system must be able to go beyond telling you who took a test and what their score was. You need to easily identify and review outstanding risk assessments to know where to take the necessary action. Dokeos’ reporting goes beyond most LMS systems by providing a clear audit trail that lets you not only easily track skills and understanding, but match compliance and competency with all FDA and HIPAA audit requirements. Plus, Dokeos makes it easy to create insightful reports, reducing manual Admin workloads and helping keep managers and HR informed and involved.

Allow re-enrollment for ongoing re-certification testing

Many industries and skills require that learners regularly re-take compliance or certification testing. Dokeos lets you re-enroll learners when compliance requires them to re-take testing to remain compliant or certified, without having to recreate the test a second time, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Use automated notifications and reminder emails to inform and update

Because most LMS Admins have other roles in the organization, staying on top of learner enrollment, training progress, and evaluations can be challenging – especially within a larger organization. Dokeos lets you create a range of automate reminders that help you ensure course completion and report successful training outcomes to management and HR. This also includes automatic enrollment of learners in key courses as well as tracking their progress.

Together, your LMS system should become your compliance resource that goes beyond just a delivery platform. Dokeos LMS helps you bring together your quality training into an easy-to-create and easy-to-use tool that is supported by insightful reporting and evaluation. To learn more about how Dokeos can make your compliance training and certification easier, contact us for a free demo or Try Dokeos free for 60 days!