Dokeos Evaluation for certifying online training

Dokeos Evaluation for certifying online training

Dokeos Evaluation lets you simply and effectively certify participants of your online training.

Your users have completed your training scenario. In order to prove that they have benefited, you need to evaluate and certify their knowledge. This is the aim of Dokeos Evaluation, a product that communicates with users in a personalised way and provides them with a certificate of completion.

Two ways to assess your users

There are two ways to organise the evaluation of your users. 1. Insert your evaluation as an activity in a training scenario. This can be done at anytime, without invitation, and with a certificate sent directly with the result.

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2. If you would like the exam to be done by invitation on a specific date, you can provide access to the assessment tool from your Dokeos home page.

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Set parameters for evaluating your online training

  1. The first step of the evaluation is to design an exam that certifies your learners’ skills. This is designed with the Dokeos Manager quiz tool. Your Dokeos rating interface allows you to set your exam’s parameters.
  2. Click on “Dokeos Evaluation” in the Dokeos home page.
  3. Click “new exam”.
  4. Choose a name for your exam.
  5. From the list of exams that have been developed, choose one that you would like to use.
  6. Insert a picture if you wish to customise it.
  7. Choose the format of the exam: will it be online or on paper? Note: depending on your answer, certain types of exam formats will not be possible.
  8. Lastly, determine the score needed to pass and the date.

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Communicate better with users

After setting up your exam, prepare your communications with users. You can customise the following messages:

  • Invitation to the exam
  • At the end of the exam, a confirmation that the assessment has taken place
  • A successful result
  • An unsuccessful result

Important: For each message, you can add information from your Dokeos database regarding the name of the student, trainer, their performance review, etc.

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Personalised certificates of success

Naturally, Dokeos Evaluation allows you to access the results for each user or user group, including those who have passed an examination paper. In this case, the trainer must insert the results of the exam paper in the “results” table.

Those who have passed can be awarded certificates. Dokeos offers several styles of certificate templates and also gives you the ability to create and customise your own. You can easily integrate your users’ personal data to en-sure their certificate is personalised.

Easy, efficient, and customisable, Dokeos Evaluation enables you to certify your learners’ online training. Would you like to test Dokeos Evaluation? Try it free for 60 days.


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