Elearning and collaborative learning

Elearning and collaborative learning

The Dokeos Manager LMS allows you to easily put in place a collaborative elearning solution for your business.

Elearning can help overcome the classic learning relationship of a master dispensing his knowledge to his students. The advent of wikis, forums and video conferences allows you to establish a truly collaborative learning environment. Common knowledge is built through not only drawing on the resources of the trainer but also on those of learners. Dokeos MANAGER LMS uses the latest technology to support collaborative learning.

The benefits of collaborative learning

Learners, and the knowledge they possess, are central to collaborative learning. Fundamental to this approach is having learners actively work together in the construction of knowledge. They themselves offer the group important aspects of information necessary for their training.

When it comes to professional training, the reality is that learners have an ever greater chance of their workplace being the central focus of their training. The risk of having training that is too theoretical, or too far removed from the day to day, becomes less and less.

Collaborative learning also permits more interactions between learners, as they are forced to work together in order to progress.

Finally, it stimulates critical thinking. Instead of considering only the word of the teacher, learners must take into account multiple sources of information.

The trainer’s role

The learning dynamic for the trainer is more complex to manage than a conventional environment, but is also particularly interesting.

The trainer’s role is to facilitate the collaborative work group, to motivate and support learners, and organise the results of their work.

Elearning facilitates collaborative learning

Elearning is an asset for the development of collaborative learning in the workplace.

Video conferencing allows all employees to communicate across geographical distances.

Wikis give them the opportunity to gather and share their knowledge.

Through forums, they can communicate in writing and keep track of their discussions.

Dokeos is ready for collaborative learning

Dokeos Live and Dokeos Manager have features that allow you to easily set up collaborative learning.

Dokeos Manager allows you to create:

  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Specific user groups within a course or session to establish, for example, a thematic working group.
  • Ads for a targeted audience.

Dokeos Live makes it easy to organize meetings and conferences online.

All these features mean you can readily put a real, collaborative learning space online. Try for yourself with a free trial of Dokeos for 60 days.

Try Dokeos LMS FREE for 60 days

  • Personalized e-Learning portal
  • 2GB of storage
  • 10 learners
  • Android/iPhone applications
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