Why E-Learning is the Perfect Fit for the Manufacturing Industry

US manufacturing is expected to have 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030, according to a survey by Deloitte and National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). The impact would be dreadful for the US economy, estimated around more than US$1 trillion by 2030. So finding qualified talents is harder than it’s been. While training may initially seem […]

Why a Dental Office Needs an LMS for OSHA Training

Working in a dental office can mean exposure to numerous dangerous workplace hazards such as bloodborne pathogens, chemical agents, ergonomic hazards, and workplace injury. What’s more, dental practices can also experience psychological hazards that can cause hostile environments.  Thankfully, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations outline exactly how to prevent these kinds of […]

How to meet OSHA Compliance with your E-learning Platform

The health and safety of a company’s employees is crucial, which is why you must adhere to OSHA regulations during training sessions. If a business is unfamiliar with the necessary rules and regulations, this could throw a spanner in the works regarding employee safety.  So in this article, we’ll discuss what OSHA is and how […]

How to combine GxP and non-GxP training in your LMS

How to Combine GxP and Non-GxP Into Your LMS Training Digital learning is a convenient way to keep your staff updated on the latest industry protocol and best practices.  In the life sciences sector, all employees must have a baseline fluency of GxP and non-GxP quality guidelines. With well-devised e-learning implementation, your crew is guaranteed […]

21 CFR Part 11 : Electronic Signature & LMS compliance

The FDA’s data integrity requirement calls for evidence of authenticity. In other words, when someone—let’s call her Mary—is validated on a standard operating procedure (SOP), we need to ensure that she is authenticated, meaning that no one else was logged in to read the SOP for her. This is a part of individual responsibility in […]

As Your Pharmaceutical Company Becomes Increasingly Digitized, Make Sure Your LMS Does, Too

The right digital LMS supports your pharma company’s digital transformation. Evaluate your LMS options against these 7 criteria. Digital LMS Supports Transformation of Pharma Industry Pharmaceutical companies are becoming increasingly digitized as they lean into environments that are changing around them. This digitization is a response to opportunities to improve their production processes, analytics, and […]

How to Empower Video Generated Content

Are you on the lookout for a new way to start teaching your company’s employees valuable information?  Information transfer is one of the keys to an effective workplace. Anyone who, knowingly or otherwise, withholds important information is only slowing down the progress of the company. Sometimes though, information is not withheld on purpose. An ineffective […]

Neuroscience Training For Online Training

Boost Retention and Engagement with These 5 Neuroscience Training Methods  When your company invests in professional development training—especially with an LMS—you need it to be as effective as possible.  One way to get there? Neuroscience. In contrast to the behavioral focus of psychology, neuroscience analyzes the biological processes of the brain. You have little control […]

Should You Drop SCORM for LTI? All About the New e-Learning Standard

SCORM vs. LTI: Learn what they are, how they’re different from each other, and whether you should choose one over the other. The e-Learning sector is constantly developing. And the result is an ever-increasing number of applications and standardizations to enhance the experience. One mainstay has been SCORM, which has been part of the industry […]

How Digitization of Healthcare Is Changing Staff Training Needs

Healthcare has to overcome the digital divide. Understand how these 3 trends led to the digitization of healthcare and what they mean for staff training. The days of crowded waiting rooms and office buildings are becoming a relic of the past for the healthcare industry. Like many industries, healthcare has been transformed by the pandemic. […]