How Adaptive Learning for Corporate Training Can Improve Employee Potential

Established in 2004, the mantra of Dokeos LMS has always been the personalization of each training course. Because adaptive learning is the best way to reinforce skills.

The corporate sector is continuously evolving, and growth has accelerated due to emerging AI. Corporate training has to factor in the proliferation of machine learning and modern automation tools. Find out how platforms like Dokeos learning management system (LMS) are becoming an increasingly invaluable tool for adaptive learning and integrating into the foray of emerging technologies.

Because the most appropriate and effective way to learn is to take into account the individuality of learning paths. This is Adaptive learning. How do we define it precisely? We asked Thomas De Praetere, CEO of Dokeos. “It’s all about learning, the opportunity to have a kind of private tutor who teaches you according to who you are and what you’re capable of. It’s the one-to-one tutoring model – think of a private piano teacher.”

AI growth in the corporate sector

AI is now the norm and no longer the exception. According to the Computing Technology Industry Association, 35% of U.S. companies now use AI in their business operations in some form or another. A further 42% of companies have plans to implement AI in the future. Studies have also shown that AI implementation has financial payoffs. By 2026, companies that invest in AI will outperform non-AI-implemented companies by 25%, according to a 2022 Gartner report.

Statistics paint a similar trajectory for AI as it specifically relates to training. The AI training market was valued at $1.73 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow by 22.1% from 2023 to 2030, according to a Grand View Research Report.

The role of AI in adaptive learning

Machine learning can deploy algorithms that analyze keywords, student profiles, and first-party data to automatically curate content and courses relevant to company-specific needs. Once the AI curates content, HR can step in and make manual tweaks as needed to smooth out the edges. Furthermore, AI can disseminate content based on individual learning styles. This may include videos for visual learners, for example. This is adaptive learning and is becoming a mainstay e-learning component.

Modern AI keeps track of learner progress and can make recommendations based on results. For instance, if the text portion of a course has an optional audio narration, AI can track how often this was used. A high percentage of use can indicate a preference for auditory learning. Likewise, AI can record courses taken via mobile devices and gauge preference levels for a learn-on-the-go style.

How to apply adaptive learning through Dokeos LMS

It’s evident that AI is here to stay in the corporate sector, and this growth spans across industries. The key is incorporating adaptive learning into the corporate training culture. By adaptive learning, this means training that caters to each learner’s preference and making changes to suit students individually.

Here’s how you can make maximum use of AI in digital learning by employing Dokeos LMS.

Corporate training : understand AI’s limitations 

AI capabilities will gradually expand, but it will always have some limitations. For example, AI analytics may indicate modules are mainly completed hours before the deadline. This may indicate it’s not a priority or is merely an afterthought for employees. However, AI may be limited in determining why this is the case. This is where human input comes in. Human HR members will need to follow up through an open dialogue or open-ended survey questions to get to the root of the question. 

Normalize training

Training should be a part of the work culture rather than be an annual or biannual affair. Of course, too much training can also demoralize employees. After all, they were hired to do a job and not return to school. Here are ways to maximize adaptive training with Dokeos LMS that simultaneously caters to different learning modalities while retaining interest:

  • Divide courses into short modules. Each module should be short, preferably no more than a 10-minute estimated timeframe for completion.
  • Use diverse media, including images, infographics, videos, and live webinars
  • Gamify the course through digital prizes and competitive elements, such as badges, scoreboards, and interactive storyboards.
  • Release courses in increments rather than all at once

Corporate training: include a hands-on training component

Just as you can’t learn to swim without getting into the pool, you can’t fully learn corporate practices without hands-on experience. By hands-on, this doesn’t mean you have to be physically present in a brick-and-mortar classroom. With Dokeos LMS, take advantage of live webinars to conduct demonstrations and mock drills. Virtual classrooms enable students to role-play, with moderators presenting follow-up scenarios and other students watching and even participating as mock customers and clients.

Make customization the standard

There should be an assortment of customization options to cater to different learning preferences and to increase flexibility. Think about the variants you can add that incorporate the different senses. Here are some examples:

  • Audio narration (caters to auditory learners as well as the hearing-impaired). This can be via human speaker or AI-generated.
  • Video narration (caters to both auditory and visual learners)
  • Lessons requiring learners to record and upload self-demonstrations (valuable for kinesthetic learners) 
  • Course formats for both mobile and PC-friendly access

Provide a dashboard section where students can access or disable certain formats. This can also include additional elements like font and text size. Students may also appreciate non-essential customization options, such as changing the text or background color. Lots of personalization gives students ways to invest in their course account and make it feel like it’s their own.

Invest in corporate training the smart way with Dokeos LMS

Our pedagogical AI is completely realistic and not a computer scientist’s pipe dream. Thanks to our positioning tests, you can implement Adaptive Learning on a scale never seen before, thanks to pedagogical AI! This is no longer the time for quantity, for standardized training courses for your 1,000 learners. Now it’s time to individualize your training paths to achieve a better learner experience, with the aim of increasing skills.

Are you an instructional designer or training manager looking for an LMS platform that implements Adaptive Learning in an ergonomic way? Digital Learning leader since 2004, Dokeos is a creator of e-learning solutions.

The corporate workforce is made up of a collective of individual minds. Each mind brings forth diverse thoughts, methods, and strategies. Encourage corporate growth and innovation through Dokeos LMS and Elearning solutions. The platform’s rich suite of customization options enables students to learn in a setting that leverages their strengths and amplitude.

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