How Dokeos Can Help With HIPAA Compliance Training

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a US law that protects patient data and security in the healthcare industry. Since 1996, this law has ensured patients receive the best care possible without sacrificing their personal security. 

Today, HIPAA requires all healthcare organizations processing Protected Health Information (PHI) to comply with its privacy and security rules. If your business processes the personal health information of patients in the United States, you’ll likely need to meet HIPAA requirements. Depending on your organization and situation, you may need to train your nurses, doctors, receptionists, IT team, administrators, and business associates on the nuances of HIPAA to stay compliant. 

But HIPAA can be complicated and confusing. Because its requirements change so often, you need an efficient way to train your team. HIPAA compliance training is much easier with a digital learning platform like Dokeos. Learn why HIPAA compliance training is a must for your organization and how Dokeos LMS simplifies the process for your team. 

Why HIPAA compliance training matters in 2021

HIPAA is complicated enough on its own—is compliance training really necessary? If your organization wants to reduce its liability and follow the letter of the law, HIPAA compliance training is a must for four reasons. 

1. It’s the law

First and foremost, HIPAA requires that healthcare organizations train anyone within that organization (including vendors) on HIPAA compliance. You not only have to provide regular training, but you also need to provide proof of this training to HIPAA in the event of an audit. 

In addition to creating HIPAA policies, documenting them, and assigning a privacy officer, you need to show proof of training. If you want to keep your business safe from liability, fines, and regulatory action, compliance training adds a much-needed layer of safety.

2. Training fixes knowledge gaps

Do your employees feel confident that they’re following HIPAA? Training gives your employees the confidence to competently do their jobs. By addressing their knowledge gaps with annual training, you can ensure your team executes on the nuances of HIPAA in their daily workflow. 

3. Compliance protects patients and boosts trust 

The purpose of HIPAA is to protect patients. When you follow HIPAA requirements, you’re creating processes and procedures that protect your patients’ data against breaches and theft. Sixty-two percent of patients are concerned about their healthcare data privacy; by following HIPAA, you fulfill patients’ expectations and earn their trust. 

4. Digitization is increasing

Seventy-three percent of patients are willing to share their personal data with a healthcare provider if it improves their experience. Innovations in telemedicine mean it’s never been easier for patients to access care from their smartphones, but this always-on availability comes with security issues. If your organization is going all-in on digital care for your patients, HIPAA protections are a must. Storing data in the cloud means it can be intercepted and exposed, so you must follow HIPAA’s guidelines to prevent breaches as you digitize.

How Dokeos LMS enables HIPAA compliance training

Your organization can create its own training program internally, but how will you deliver that training? Classroom learning can be expensive and boring, and it isn’t easy to scale as your business grows. The easiest way to do HIPAA compliance training is with an L&D platform like Dokeos. Here’s how our compliance training solution trains your team more efficiently on HIPAA:

HIPAA compliance out of the box

It’s your responsibility to comply with HIPAA; that means every tool and platform you use has to comply with HIPAA guidelines, too. Unlike other LMS platforms, Dokeos is the only SaaS-based HIPAA-compliant LMS.

Record proof of training

HIPAA requires you to show proof that you trained your employees and partners on HIPAA. An L&D platform like Dokeos makes it easy to not only deliver the training online, but to collect digital proof of every team member’s training. 

Protect data against breaches

You need to protect patient data first and foremost, but you should secure your organization’s data, too. That’s why we designed Dokeos specifically for protecting your data with measures like: 

  • Data encryption
  • Security audits to ensure your platform meets our strict data and privacy standards
  • Legal responsibility for any data breaches that happen from your LMS

When you need to meet HIPAA and GDPR requirements with one platform, Dokeos helps you tick all of the boxes. 

Customized evaluations

You spend a lot of time and resources on HIPAA training; make sure your team retains this information with evaluations that truly test their knowledge. Dokeos goes beyond multiple-choice quizzes and gives you the power to adapt your training—so you ask the right people the right questions. 

On-the-go training

There’s no need to interrupt your team’s daily schedule for HIPAA compliance training. Simply create a training program in Dokeos and give your team a deadline to complete the training. Our convenient, mobile-friendly platform allows your team to learn when it fits their schedule. Since eLearning boosts retention by 25 to 60%, this is a more convenient and effective alternative to face-to-face training. 

HIPAA is easy with a HIPAA compliant LMS

HIPAA will continue evolving as the face of healthcare changes. Is your team prepared for the future? Make sure you provide accessible, secure training that scales with your team. 

Over 250 healthcare organizations trust Dokeos for HIPAA compliance training, but compliance is just the beginning. Dokeos helps healthcare organizations achieve better outcomes through our intelligent eLearning solution. See how it works: Start your free trial of Dokeos now.