6 tips for effective compliance training

6 tips for effective compliance training

To maximize the results of a compliance training session, bring scenarios to life for your students with online training!

Training in compliance or regulatory compliance (FDA, SOP, ICD-10, HIPAA, ISO, ASAE, etc.) is a priority in high-risk corporate sectors such as pharmaceuticals. Nearly half of these companies develop customized training. So how can you turn this daunting material into a stimulating learning experience that responds to auditor requirements?

How can you maximize your compliance training?

  1. Study your target

Before you develop your training, you must know your target, their expectations and needs. Based on these, you can choose the most appropriate method. For example, your compliance training might apply to new employees, or otherwise, those who are more experienced, work in offices, operate in the field, etc.

  1. Opt for micro-content

Too often, compliance training sounds indigestible. Avoid this unpleasant feeling for your students by cutting material into micro-content. Develop short modules in m-learning. Let your learners absorb the material in small bites, anytime, from their smartphone.

  1. Tell a story

Storytelling makes it easier to grasp complex matters such as compliance, while making them more interesting and engaging. A story that features places and characters from the company is the best way to avoid having a generic compliance training.

  1. Create a scenario tree

Almost real but without the risk or tension, the scenario tree approach is suitable for compliance, because it:

  • provides learners with choices for decision-making
  • shows them the positive or negative impact of decisions related to compliance
  • allows them to learn from their mistakes.
  1. Stimulate them with gamification

It’s been found that employees often feel little concerned by business problems related to compliance. Have you considered using codes from gaming to make your training more fun and motivating? Adding levels, offering awards and collaborating with peers are all ways to increase retention rates.

  1. Drive the message home with marketing

To reinforce the larger themes of compliance, why not take your online training further with a marketing campaign? This could take several forms, from a catchy slogan to a baseline that defines the spirit of the company, a print campaign within the company or even a music video featuring employees based on the corporate culture.

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