What’s the difference between gamification and serious games?

What’s the difference between gamification and serious games?

Gamification or serious games? These explanations can help you better integrate them into your e-learning modules, and at the core of your LMS.

Gamification and serious games are not only increasingly popular in primary and secondary education, but within companies too. Yet while the benefits of learning through playing are obvious in a training course, we should not confuse these two distinct methods.

Serious games or gamification: a quick explanation

A serious game is a training offered in the form of a game or simulation, created to meet the specific needs of a group. The learning objective is reached by the end of the game, and the evaluation of students is done via immersion. They have a mission to fulfill: to get there, they need to think rationally, strategize, solve problems, test different decisions during the game to get the best results, etc.

Gamification uses gaming codes to make an existing training more fun. The goal is to boost learner interest and motivation. Several gaming devices can be used, such as rewards, recognition, competition with colleagues, etc.

Integrate serious games into your e-learning courses

Want to design a fully customized serious game from A to Z? If your budget, time and human resources are limited, we recommend that you develop your serious games with the authoring software developed by ITyStudio and integrated into your Dokeos Game. Within financial reach of all businesses, it allows you to simply create your own fun educational content. Another advantage is that you can change your serious game at any time, without involving the supplier.

What does this entail exactly? You have a library of sets, characters and dialogues that are easily editable. The result is a product that is optimized and tailored to your learning and training needs.

Insert gamification into your learning management system (LMS)

An existing e-learning course could be improved by introducing gaming elements. For example tests or quizzes that let your learners earn points, which are necessary to finish the module and move on. These small changes can really change your learners’ perceptions. Valuing their success will significantly strengthen their motivation.

Did you know the next step after gamification of e-learning is the gamification of your learning management system? To motivate your learners to make the most of courses available in your LMS, give them badges, trophies and even avatars, show their rankings and allow them to share on social networks!

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