ITyStudio, a Dokeos partner for your Serious Games

ITyStudio, a Dokeos partner for your Serious Games

Design your Serious Games and assess your learners in situations with this tool developed by ITyStudio, and integrated into your DOKEOS GAME.

Why partner with ITyStudio?

ITyStudio is the leading author of Serious Games software and 2D/3D simulations. It lets you create your own educational, entertainment and multimedia content with ease. The latest version focuses on enriching the content library and increasing compatibility with software authors, such as Articulate Storyline and Captivate.

Just some of ITyStudio’s many advantages include its ease of use, quality rendering, and free, regular updates. It also puts Serious Games within financial reach of all businesses! You can produce as much content as you like, while retaining control over it. Being able to easily edit your content (sets, characters, dialogs) without recreating it from scratch, or going through the Serious Games provider, is beneficial when training your staff in rapidly changing products.

ITyStudio, a Dokeos partner for your Serious Games 2D library

New DOKEOS GAME features

Wide range of creative possibilities

Dokeos Game and ITyStudio allow you to create behavioral simulations, interactive card games and software or technical training. Draw on a 2D/3D library of more than 25 sets and 20 available characters to train your learners in various areas, be they employees in industrial environments, port and dock workers, or sales staff working in clothing retail or with high-tech products.

ITyStudio, a Dokeos partner for your Serious Games 3D library

Compatibility with other software-authors

With one click import items from other software authors such as Articulate Storyline or Captivate. This new feature allows you to capitalize on existing content, giving it a new lease on life. Why not incorporate animated slides within your Serious Game to further increase interactivity and diversity of content?

ITyStudio, a Dokeos partner for your Serious Games One-click integration with exports from Storyline, Captivate, etc.

More accurate assessment of soft-skills

ITyStudio lets you build tree modules in an intuitive and visual way to provide learners with a diverse range of learning pathways with multiple options and endings. Imagine your student participates in a skit during which an HR manager asks an employee into his office. He must get into the skin of a character. Depending on his answers, points are awarded to him and he is redirected to other scenes and dialogs. The learner’s assessment is therefore based on his choices, decisions and arbitrations.

Want to integrate Serious Games into your e-learning courses? Try the ITyStudio tool, integrated into DOKEOS GAME, free for 60 days!

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