2016, the year of compliance e-learning

2016, année des formations compliance en e-learning

With the New Year comes new resolutions. Compliance e-learning will be increasingly popular in 2016, helping you turn promises into action!

On 12 December, 195 countries reached a historic agreement on climate change. The ministers were delighted, and their teams euphoric. Sceptics, however, are convinced that it amounted to nothing but promises…

But what transforms a promise into action? Political goodwill? The quality of interactions? Goodwill among nations?

Compliance e-learning training: your company’s resolutions in action

The answer can be found in… standards! Though lacking in glamour, standards have a truly transformative power: the promises made by countries are implemented through standards, which push businesses to take action or incur fines…

The trend toward compliance will build momentum during 2016! Statistics confirm that food quality, drug safety and transport reliability have never been better.

Companies working to achieve a better world, with greater safety, less pollution and an improved quality of life can count on Dokeos to help them achieve their transformation.

We hope that the New Year brings you every personal and professional success! Happy Holidays!

Thomas De Praetere, CEO of Dokeos

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